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Hammered is a podcast about Hammer (the studio) but not hammers (the tools).

Starting with The Quatermass Xperiment (1955) and ending (maybe) with To the Devil a Daughter (1976), your host J G Byrne - aided by an undead army of super-guests - will chronologically and (kind of) critically and (hopefully) amusingly work through the studio's horror releases. One film at a time.

Original music by the mighty David Blake.


Your host & in-house composer are both on the Twitter machine.

J G Byrne (@fustar)

David Blake (@david_bplo)

As are our super-guests:

Donald Clarke (@DonaldClarke63)

Paul Duane (@MrPaulDuane)

Tracy Fahey (@TracyFahey)

Maura McHugh (@splinister)

John Maguire (@JMaguireCritic)

Aoife Martin (@aoifemrtn)

Kasandra O'Connell (@kazzikat)

Dan Smith (@utopianimpulse)


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